Ethel Gross


ETHEL GROSS is an artist and resident at Long Beach Senior Arts Colony. All potential EngAGE arts colony residents must declare what their art is on their rental applications. When applying to move into LBSAC, Ethel stated that her art was singing because she sang in the Sweet Adeline’s chorus for many years. It wasn’t until taking the art classes offered at LBSAC that she discovered that she also has a knack for painting. Her favorite pieces are the chairs she has painted. One, in particular, is called “Starry Night,” and is a rendering reminiscent of the famous work by Van Gogh. In addition to making art and taking art classes at a LBSAC, Ethel is also an avid gardener and is a founding member of the community’s garden club. She also takes classes there in yoga, Tai Chi, needle crafts, and ceramics. Ethel has plenty of inspiration for her creative efforts. Starting in the 1980’s she was part-owner of a travel agency for 20 years, which allowed her to travel the world, everywhere except South America. Ethel appeared as a featured artist in a wonderful video about EngAGE artists entitled, A Dose of Creativity, produced by our generous partner, Aroha Philanthropies.